The Unofficial SSC Meetup Repository

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The Unofficial SSC Meetup Repository

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What is this?

This is an unofficial community maintained listing of SlateStarCodex Meetups Everywhere. SlateStarCodex is a blog that we like. You can read about origins of these meetups here.

Our listing is based on this post. We try to update the information of meetups, but we can’t guarantee their veracity. Especially the ‘(next) scheduled meetup’ field is most likely outdated. If the meetup has some kind of contact details (email, FB group, Google group, anything) listed, we encourage that you try to contact them directly.

I’m organizing a meetup, what I should do?

We’d appreciate if you created an external webpage (or similar) in the public internet that you regularly update, and then tell us about it so that we can link to there.

Some popular platforms to advertise your meetup are e.g., Google Group, public Facebook event, public blog, etc etc.

Okay, I have a public webpage / FB event / / a Thing, what next?

Let us know!

  1. If you have a GitHub account, create an issue. (Click the link, ‘New Issue’.)
  2. If you don’t have a GitHub account / you don’t want to create one, you can email the maintainer (currently ssc-fans-hki at sschelsinkimeetup a t

Your information is outdated!

If you see outdated information / want to get your email off the list / have a suggestion, please create an issue (see above) or if you know how to github, a pull request.


GitHub provides automagical Atom feed of changes to the repository master branch at

How to use this repository?

Our current solution is very simple and low-tech (this is on purpose).

Press Ctrl-F in your web browser, and search for a location nearby you.

Our format is as follows: [Optional fields marked with brackets.]

* Meetup location (city)
    * [Additional search keywords:] Country, (anything else you think is relevant)
    * [Regular meetups:] (any information we have if the meetups happen regularly)
    * Meetup scheduled: Saturday, April 15, 2017,  7  PM  (the next / most recent scheduled meetup that we know of, local time)
      * Location: Description of location for ^
    * [Details:] (if we have some additional details)
    * [Previous meetups:]
        - Saturday, April 8, 2017,  7  PM
    * Contact: Contact details like email, FB group,, website, blog, anything. Links: [link name](

and it looks like this (without brackets):

The SSC Meetups Everywhere: Active / Recent Meetups

This list should include only active or recently held meetups. The meetup groups we have not heard about in over ~two months should be moved to the inactive meetups list.