The Unofficial SSC Meetup Repository

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The Unofficial SSC Meetup Repository

N.B. As of April 2018, this file is no longer actively updated. All users: please migrate to new LW community page at

The meetup information below is archived for reference only.

See here for meetup data commit history

What is this?

This was an unofficial community maintained listing of SlateStarCodex Meetups Everywhere. SlateStarCodex is a blog that we like. You can read about origins of these meetups here. The listing was based on this post.

How to use this repository?

Our current solution is very simple and low-tech (this is on purpose): this is a simple text file with some added pretty html.

Press Ctrl-F in your web browser, and search for a location nearby you.

The SSC Meetups Everywhere: The Deprecated List

This page contains the meetups we knew of in April 2018, when this repository was discontinued.

An active list of SSC (and various other SSC-adjacent) meetups can found on LW2.0. Repeat: the list below is provided for archival purposes only!

Some contact details of additional meetup groups that were deemed inactive can be found on the inactive meetups list.